Delivery of orders

Under no circumstances will the contractor be liable for any delay in the delivery of products, except in the event of intent or gross negligence. Contractor guarantees to deliver a working product code, in the absence of which a new code will be delivered (free of charge). Evidence for the malfunctioning of the code lies with the customer.

Return Policy

Please be aware that our products are digital gift card codes that, once bought and delivered, cannot be returned, nor refunded. So please make sure to select the right product, with the right country code and / or in the right currency before you purchase it, as we cannot take products back, nor refund or exchange products that have already been paid and delivered. The reason for this is that we have no guarantee that a code, which is immediately delivered after the purchase, is still unused. If you have trust issue with us please come to chat and give us your login details then we will redeem your code by ourself so you will be 100% secure from your side and all the responsibilities will be ours. Thank you for your understanding!

We do however give warranty on the redeemability of the digital codes we deliver. In case the delivered code is not working, we will do everything to help you solve that problem. Our customer service can be reached either through mail to our support team or through the chat on our website.

More information about our return policy can be found in our terms of agreement.

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