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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Legendary Edition) Steam Key GLOBAL

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Legendary Edition) Steam key

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Legendary Edition) key presents an all-out immersive experience for you to embark upon. Even if you’re not really into the whole medieval era, or in fact, fantasy genre – this title will force you (blatantly speaking) to appreciate every minute spent in this world of myth and magic. The game had been developed and published by Bethesda, and even though it’s been on the industry for over 6-years now, none could argue that it’s still one of the broadest and vastest RPGs ever created.

A Story of Your Choosing

Buy Skyrim Legendary Edition key and embark on a journey through fire and ice, through darkness and light, through fear and courage – experience everything you can think of. The Skyrim world is of immense scale and size, let your imagination run rampant, become anyone or anything you want, conquer lands, fight mythical creatures and beasts, learn hundreds of skills and traits, choose your talents and personalize your character both look-wise and skill-wise exactly the way you want. Create your own story in one of the most immersive fantasy RPGs ever!

Complete Experience

With The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Legendary Edition) key you’ll get the complete package of the fifth entry into the core The Elder Scrolls franchise! Alongside the base game, you’ll also receive the three DLCs that will increase your experience even further. Become a vampire or a vampire hunter, face the legendary Dragonborn, build your own housing, perform alchemy experiments, and even set up your own family! The Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Hearthfire DLCs simply complete a world already full of everything, so if you want to sink an insurmountable amount of hours into something, Skyrim Legendary Edition key is one of the worthiest choices you can make.

The Far and Wide Lands

There’s no arguing, the open world in Skyrim is massive. You can pick a location and travel for hours upon hours to reach it, and while the world’s graphics are not quite the likes of what we have nowadays, the modding community has made sure that even though this captivating piece was released a while back – it’d still look as breathtaking and astonishing as the today’s titles. Oh, and one more captivating detail about this vast world, it’s full of dragons! And if you want to fight dragons, you’ll have to travel all throughout the far and wide lands, to locate them, hunt them, and gain their strength!

Non-linear Storyline

Buy Skyrim Legendary Edition key if you want to take a rest from the linear, single-narrative centred experiences, and try out something that is impossible to imagine as linear. There’s no denying it, Skyrim has an amazing main storyline that is written and acted out to perfection, however, by chasing the main quests you’ll soon find yourself slipping into side-quests, and overall, all kind of other world exploration subtleties. The choices you make all throughout your play will affect and shape your game’s outcome – no two stories are the same in Skyrim, that’s why it is what it is.

Be a Part of an Ecosystem

With The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition key, you’ll not only witness the size of the world, but you’ll also awe with wonder by the realism inside. The in-game world feels truly alive – the townsfolk go about their doings; the guards are patrolling the outer-wall regions, protecting the peace. The forests, caves, and swamps are full of wildlife, and the best to it all – nothing ever feels scripted (acted out), every detail this world presents to you, the player, seems like a part of the bigger picture, an ecosystem which exists despite your presence, and once you realize this, it’s quite an epiphany.

Combat Subtleties

Buy Skyrim Legendary Edition key because the open-world and its non-linear approach are not the only things to amaze you. Combat here is something worthy of your utmost appraisal too. Right from the moment you learn to swing a sword, the game shoots you into a self-educatory journey. What’s different to Skyrim’s combat, if compared to some other open-world games? For starters, it’s as far from repetitive as it can possibly get. While swinging your sword left and right or shooting an arrow is fairly simple, the variety of play styles makes your every encounter a unique experience to embark upon. Fighting against your foe using a spear is one thing, facing the same foe with magic makes it into an entirely different battle!

The Dawnguard DLC

Buy Skyrim Legendary Edition key and get to play through everything that the Dawnguard expansion offers. Become a vampire or a werewolf, traverse numerous new locations, learn vampire/werewolf perks, wield a new weapon (crossbow), have business with two new factions; The Dawnguard and The Vampire Lords, face new and enhanced Dragons (also known as Legendary Dragons) and partake in a whole variety of new and breathtaking quests! Some of the quests are exclusive to either the vampires or the werewolves, so choose very wisely! The power of blood, or the power of the moon? Which path will you take? How will it affect your gameplay? Find out today!

The Dragonborn DLC

The Dragonborn expansion is another captivating addition and a reason why you should buy Skyrim Legendary Edition key. Discover an island of Solstheim and find out about a strange cult who strive to bring back the very first of the Dragonborn. Partake upon a bunch of new quests, meet dozens of captivating characters, wield new weapons, armours. Also, learn astonishing new shouts and most importantly, gain the power to tame and ride a Dragon! Your Dragonborn Main Quest Line will begin from the moment you encounter (or are encountered by) the cultist priests. Immerse in a captivating adventure that explains every detail regarding the rise of the Dragonborn!

The Hearthfire DLC

Last but not least, once you buy The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition key, you’ll also receive the Hearthfire expansion. While this one won’t turn you into a dragon riding, crossbow-wielding, magical vampire/werewolf, it allows you to build your very own turf! Purchase a piece of land and build your own haven for rest, comfort, trophies, and most importantly – alchemy! The expansion targets more of a humanistic side of your character. Once your household is complete, you’ll even be able to adopt some children! Slaying Dragons is a profound and well-appreciated deed, but so is providing shelter for the smallest ones, those that have none.

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