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OpenBucks Gift Card 10 USD

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Buy Openbucks online in an instant

Everyone can pay online with Openbucks! This alternative payment method protects your financial information from online fraud or theft. It also gives you the liberty to buy things online without a credit card or digital wallet. Simply get your Openbucks gift card online 24/7 and your code will be instantly delivered by email. Use the code directly to pay for online gaming or shopping at all merchants that accept oBucks as a payment method. Fast, secure and easy!

Choose from 5+ payment options to buy your oBucks

When you buy your Openbucks gift card at eGift Cards Nepal you can choose from a wide range of secure and alternative payment methods. You will receive your oBucks code instantly by email. Your oBucks redemption code, which is normally found on the back of a gift card, consist of a 16-digit code and a 4-digit PIN code. It can be used directly to make online payments. If you have any questions about how to redeem your code, you can contact our customer service by chat or email to get assistance.

How can I check my Openbucks gift card balance?

To check the remaining credit of your oBucks account you can enter your card details in the online Balance Checker.

What is an Openbucks Gift Card?

An Openbucks Gift Card is a good alternative online payment option for customers who do not have access to a credit card, or bank account, like the younger generation..  It is also an ideal payment method for everyone who wants to protect their financial information when making online payments. Similar to a Paysafecard or Neosurf Voucher, Openbucks gift cards do not require the exchange of personal or financial information when paying online at thousands of sites. People who like to pay without a credit card, save on fees, or want to avoid certain things showing up on their credit card bill will find the ideal payment method in Openbucks.

What can I buy with oBucks?

Traditionally, reputable gaming sites like Riot Games or World of Tanks are a favoured place to spend oBucks, however there are over a thousand more online games and stores where you can spend your oBucks at.

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