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Netflix Gift Card 75 TL

Endless content, amazing movies and brilliant TV shows – buy Netflix Gift Card 75 TL and you will get all this as more. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services, available in many countries all over the world and is a great replacement for cable TV (as it’s exponentially cheaper).


This singular word perfectly fits to explain the vastness of Netflix library. If you like movies, there are time-tested classics or the newest blockbusters. Prefer documentaries? Well, pick your sphere – nature, industrial, political – and soak up all the knowledge. Don’t like singular movies but love to binge sci-fi shows? Netflix is there for you! Buy Netflix Gift Card 75 TL and pick one of the three available plans. After that, delve into the wonderful time-consuming pastime known as streaming.

Netflix Originals

Because Netflix is a big company and has only grown over the years, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they directly influence their own library. The streaming platform often releases original movies or shows or even animations. Often in collaboration with big names and known studios, Netflix is not afraid to try their hand at various genres and mediums. Probably the greatest achievement so far is interactive episodes of a show, where the viewer can pick how the story goes. Buy Netflix Gift Card 75 TL and experience this technical marvel for yourself!

How and when you want it

Because Netflix is a streaming platform, it is not tied by any cables or antennas, therefore you will not have to worry about availability. Simply open up Netflix page on your computer, or use an app for a mobile device, and you are good to go (as long as the internet is working, of course), and browse the library. Up to four people can watch at the same time, regardless of location, but it depends on what plan you have. Buy Netflix Gift Card 75 TL and you can freely choose one of these: the basic plan is meant for one singular device (that is, one person can watch). Standard is meant for two screens at once and therefore is good for a small household. And the high tier ultra HD plan will allow the aforementioned four devices at once.

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