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EA Origin Cash Card 20 EUR



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Important Notice: Redeemable for European accounts (only € currency).

Buy EA Origin Gift Card online with 20+ payment methods

Ready to recharge your EA-wallet with secure prepaid credit? Then get your Origin Gift Card online 24/7 with instant email delivery. In just a few moments you can play your favorite EA Games, such as Sims 4, FIFA or Battlefront completely without a credit card! You can also use an EA Origin Card to download games or buy in-game content from the EA Origin Store.

Origin Code instantly delivered by Email

After purchasing your game card with one of our secure payment options, the redeem code will be sent to your inbox. Top up your EA Wallet easily, quickly and reliably with prepaid credit on the EA Origin Cash Card.

Did you follow the redemption instructions, but didn’t succeed in redeeming your code? Then please contact our customer service by chat or email. They are happy to help you out.

Can you gift games on Origin?

Yes you can! And an EA Origin Gift Card is all you need to gift someone great EA games like FIFA, SIMS 4 and more along with all kinds of in-game content choices. With this gift, you give someone the opportunity to choose from the wide range of EA Games in the Origin Store. What’s more, you can style your gift card for the occasion with one of our free gift card templates. Customize your gift card even more and add a personal note before you download your printable gift card. You’ll never have to go to someone’s Birthday party empty-handed anymore with this gift that is ready in just a few minutes!

What is an EA Origin Cash Card?

Origin is the game distribution platform of EA games (Electronic Arts) and was formerly known as EA Store and EA download manager. You can compare Origin to other gaming platforms like Steam. EA games can be played on various platforms and consoles, such as your PC, PlayStation or XBOX. Whether you call it EA Cash Card, EA Origin Game Card, EA Origin Gift Card or EA Origin Cash Card or Origin Card, you can buy it online to recharge your EA wallet or buy EA content directly.

Can I use an Origin Gift Card to buy Origin Access Premier?

Origin has a game subscription especially for PC called Origin Access Premier. With it, you get early access to the latest games even before the official publication date. Depending on your country, you can also use an Origin Gift Card to purchase this new subscription. However, please check if this option applies to your situation. Currently, (2019) it is possible to use your EA wallet balance to buy an Origin Access Premier subscription in these countries: Belgium, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, UK, US.

Are Origin gift cards country specific?

Yes, EA Origin Gift Cards are country-specific. That means that the country you purchase the gift card for has to match the country of your EA account.

To redeem code:

  1. Go www.origin.com and login with your account.
  2. Go to www.checkout.origin.com in order to redeem your key.
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