You can activate your Game Key on Origin either online, or by downloading the Origin client for PC.

  1. In case you use the online sign in, click on ‘My Game Library’, select ‘ADD A GAME’ option and click on ‘Redeem Product Code’.

  2. In case you use the Origin Client for PC, instead of ‘My Game Library’ you will need to select ‘Origin’ from the top Menu, then click on ‘Redeem Product Code’.

  3. Now simply enter your game key in the ‘Enter Product Code’ field and click ‘Next’.

How to redeem your Origin Gift Card

To redeem your Origin gift card simply follow these few steps:

  • Go to the EA Origin website and make sure you are logged in with your EA account.

  • Enter the card code, accept the Terms and Conditions and click on “Submit”.

  • The value of your cash card has been added to your digital wallet. Happy gaming!

In case you need help or something is not clear, please contact our support team.
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