Whether it’s games, movies, or add-ons, the PlayStation Gift Card is the convenient way to get instant access to all the best features in the PlayStation Network. Here’s a guide to help you redeem your cards faster.

  1. Sign in using your PSN account information, and navigate to the account management section.
  2. In ‘Account Management’ look through the menu of options and select ‘Redeem Code’.
  3. You will be redirected to a page with three boxes in which to input the 3 sections of your code. The code you receive will look something like: ABAB-1234-AB56. Each group of letters are separated by a dash, input each group, in order into their respective boxes.
  4. Confirm the code and your account wallet will update with either the funds on the card, or credit your account membership with the subscription time corresponding with the card you purchased from us, here at PSNCardDelivery.

Congratulations! Enjoy your full access to the PSN and all of its games, add-ons, and digital content!

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